Group Members

The Group’s members are appointed by the Local Leadership Strategy Group, and are tutors for the Intermediate and Advanced Steps.

Rev Winnie Gordon

Chair, and Course Mentor

Winnie began her Unitarian life at Birmingham New Meeting Church, when, in late 2006, she walked through the doors and found her spiritual and theological community and soon began taking services.  Fast forward to 2014, Winnie once again walked through their doors, however this time called to serve as their Minister. Using her educator background, Winnie has co-facilitated many spiritual and theological programmes, including workshops at Summer School, is passionate about worship and serves the Unitarian wider community as the WSC Chair and Mentor.

Rev Ernest Baker

Tutor: Unitarian History, Local & Broader; Tutor: World Religions in a Unitarian Context

Ernest is Yorkshire born and bred and is a fourth generation Unitarian. He trained for the ministry at Unitarian College Manchester. He was minister of the West Yorkshire Group from 1974 – 81; of Sheffield Crookesmoor from 1981 – 89; and of Sheffield Stannington from 1981 – 2006. Now “in retirement ministry”, he preaches occasionally, and has been Hon. Secretary of the Send A Child to Hucklow Fund since 2001.

Rev Celia Cartwright

Tutor: Earth-Centred Spirituality

Rev Celia Cartwright is a retired minister, living in Kendal, Cumbria. She remains connected to Unitarianism and to the movement, which allowed her to explore and reclaim the faith she came close to losing following a family tragedy in 1986. It allowed her to seek a new way of understanding spirituality, God, the Divine, Creation, without leaving its familiar embrace. Her searching evolved into an interest in British Celtic Pagan beliefs and practices and their close relationship with the Celtic Christian faith and practice, and to the remnants of Pagan custom which became intertwined with the Roman Christianity which overthrew Celtic Christianity in the 7thcentury. She enjoys sharing with students the hidden journeys within our familiar religious calendar, and encouraging them to explore and reflect on the depth of meanings within our rituals and customs.

Rev Sheena Gabriel

Tutor: Meditation & Contemplation Practices

Raised in the Pentecostal church, and after a brief sojourn with the Quakers, Sheena discovered Unitarianism over 20 years ago. In 2009, she became Lay Leader at Meadrow Unitarian Chapel in Godalming, and after training at HMCO was appointed as their minister. Together with her husband, she has facilitated weekly meditation sessions at Godalming for the last nine years. Sessions are based loosely on mindfulness meditation, are open to all and non-aligned to any specific tradition. Several times a year, they hold meditative / contemplative services at the chapel, providing a bridge into Sunday worship for some of their regular meditators.

Rev John Harley

Tutor: Intergenerational Worship

Rev John Harley works as a part time minister with Bristol Unitarians and is a teacher and dramatherapist. He was Youth Coordinator for the General Assembly for over ten years and has a special interest in leading intergenerational and creative workshops and worship. He lives in Dorset and in his spare time loves to go on long distance walks and writes poetry though not necessarily at the same time.

Rev Ant Howe

Tutor: Biblical Studies

Ant has served as Minister at Kingswood Meeting House since 2006 and, for 8 years, also served as Minister to Warwick Unitarians. He holds a degree in Religion and Theology and a Post Graduate Diploma in Contextual Theology from the University of Manchester. Ant values his work tutoring at all levels on the WSC and enjoys seeing Unitarians beginning to lead worship. He has a particular interest in biblical studies and how Unitarians today can relate to the Bible.

Rev Dr Ann Peart

Tutor: Women and Religion in a Unitarian Context

Ann is a life-long Unitarian from greater Manchester. She has been actively involved in Unitarian activities since her year as Hyde Chapel May Queen in 1962, and has served on many committees, commissions working parties etc. Her presidencies have included the General Assembly, Women’s League, Historical Society, Manchester District and North West Provincial Assembly and she was a co-founder of the Women’s Group. She trained for the ministry in her 40s, with ministries in London and Manchester, and was Principal of Unitarian College Manchester. She has written on and researched Unitarian women, sexuality and feminist theology. She is currently a member of Cross Street Chapel, Manchester and also of Golders Green Unitarians.

Rev Sue Woolley

Tutor: Unitarian Theology and Thought, and Course Administrator

Sue has been a Unitarian since the age of 18. She completed the Advanced Step of the Worship Studies Course in 2007 and was one of the founders of the Unitarian Association for Lay Ministry, when it rose from the ashes of the Unitarian Association of Lay Leaders in 2008. She started working for the Midland Unitarian Association as District Facilitator in 2008 and trained for the ministry at Oxford between 2009 and 2011, being called as the MUA’s District Minister at the beginning of 2012. She has run the Worship Studies Course Foundation Step every other year since 2008 and has been a Tutor on the Unitarian Theology & Thought Module since 2013, and Course Administrator since 2015.