Intermediate Step

For both WSC and USC students, this Step is an introduction to the Four Main Modules.

The Four Main Modules are:

  1. Unitarian theology/thought.
  2. Unitarian history-local/broader.
  3. Biblical studies.
  4. Earth-Centred Spirituality.

For WSC students this step extends their knowledge giving them more material to use for service content.

For USC students it is an introductory course.


  • This Step is provided nationally mainly by distance learning. In addition, daylong or short residential sessions may be provided by the Course Tutors and suitable others either as freestanding events or as part of the UALM Annual Conference.
  • There is a Course Tutor for each of the Four Modules. Each Tutor has been approved and recognised by the Local Leadership Strategy Group.
  • The designated Course Tutor assesses written work for both courses.

WSC students are expected to find their own suitably qualified or experienced assessor for the Conduct of Worship element.  Assessment schedules are available from the Course Administrator.

Time Limit:

It is expected that the Preliminary Step would be completed within twelve months with the possibility of extension negotiated through the Course Administrator.


WSC students:

  • Written Work: submit four fully scripted services, one for each of the Four Modules with appropriate readings, prayers, address, chalice lighting words and hymns.
  • Conduct of Worship: deliver two of the services for assessment by an appropriate person e.g. a minister or recognised lay leader/ preacher/ pastor.

Assessor feedback sheets are available from the Course Administrator, or as a PDF here.

Download: Conduct of Worship Assessment Form (PDF)