Foundation Step

For WSC students only, this step is an introductory and prerequisite course in the conduct of worship and lay preaching. This step prepares students to conduct worship for their own, or neighbouring congregations and fellowships.


The WSC Foundation Step is provided by Districts or occasionally, nationally for groups of students unable to access a District course.


  1. What is worship?
  2. Speech and Communication.
  3. Elements of the service
    • readings
    • prayers/meditation/silence
    • hymns/music
    • sermon/address
    • stories/children
  4. Practicalities and Precautions.
  5. Sources and Resources.
  6. Assessment

Useful resources to be used for this Step include:

The ABC of Lay Preaching

Published by the Midland Unitarian Association.

Available from Rev. Sue Woolley: e-mail:

Cheques made payable to ‘The Midland Unitarian Association’ for £10.00 inc. p&p.

The Conduct of Worship (Revised)

Edited by Rev. Sue Woolley, UALM, 2015.

Published by The Unitarian Association for Lay Ministry.

Available from Sheena McKinnon: e-mail:

Cheques made payable to ‘UALM’for £3.00 inc. p&p.

Taking the Service

by R Lovis and P Sampson.

Available from Unitarian Headquarters: e-mail:

Cheques made payable to ‘The General Assembly of Unitarian & Free Christian Churches’ for £2.00 inc. p&p.


  • Successful participation and regular attendance throughout the course.
  • Self-Reflection Journal
  • Preparation and delivery of two services to be assessed by the District Course Leader or other appropriate person e.g. a minister or recognised lay leader/ preacher/ pastor who should provide feedback.

Assessor feedback sheets are available from the Course Administrator or via Course Facilitators in Districts which are offering the course.

Each successful student receives a Foundation Certificate on application to the Course Administrator.